Monday, March 5, 2012

Neti Pot

It's funny, I always feel a little guilty when I have to admit I've been a little bit sick, even if it's just with a cold. I feel that since I try so hard to be healthy that kind of stuff shouldn't happen to me. But it does! I'm human and can't control the way my body reacts to everything. So, I've had a minor cold this week and have been using this:

This strange looking thing is not Alladin's lamp. It's a nasal cleansing pot, otherwise known as a Neti pot. Oh, how I love my Neti pot! For those of you unfamiliar with these, you put warm water and a bit of salt in there, put the spout into one nostril, tilt your head, and slowly pour the water, allowing it to come out the other nostril. It sounds a bit strange, yes. I was scared of trying it for a while, but after getting over my trepidation and trying it out, I was sold.

Neti pots remove pollen, dust, and excess mucous. They help your breathe more freely and can also relieve nasal dryness. They improve your overall feeling of well-being and balance and clean your energy channels. Some people use them daily. I only do every now and then, but it's still worth having one around.

(As a side note: Another easy tip for better breathing if you have a cold is to simmer a pot of water on the stove. Many people use humidifiers or vaporizers, but those really only help in the one room they are in. To really get the whole house an easier place to breathe, I've found this works way better! We actually don't even have a humidifier anymore. A pot is way easier to clean.)

You can find Neti pots in health food stores, though I've heard that many large chain grocery stores now carry them too. You don't want to share your Neti pot with others, so you may need more than one in your house.

What do you do when you have a cold?


Maren said...

Okay I'm almost ready to join in on the netti pot fun. I have two siblings that use them all the time and I have been too chicken/grossed out to give one a try. Maybe next time I'm sick...although I hope that's not for a long time. I've also heard that if you gargle with mouthwash and use a netti pot every day you'll never get sick. Wouldn't that be nice?

Sarah said...

That would be nice! (P.S. Just try it out Maren! I'm excited to hear about how it goes once you do.)

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